Carol Kreuger     (253) 720-3280
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Carol Kreuger

(253) 720-3280
I am passionate about helping people! I have been in the Sales and Customer Service Industry for over 31 years. My 14 years at Nordstrom have catapulted my customer service to another level...especially when your Manager was Mr. Nordstrom. I have been in the Real Estate Industry for over 15 years and have worked with many experienced knowledgeable people.

I am an Account Executive for Fidelity National Title, a Fortune 500 Company. My follow through and dedication is proven through my client satisfaction, new cliental and past loyal clients. My goal is to communicate wisdom to my Real Estate Agents and Lenders. We have many tools at Fidelity National Title that will save you time, money and increase your business. I am here to help and I look forward to working with you!